Research & Analysis

As a company we are interested in a broad spectrum of business ventures and their real estate. We are looking to build profitable business assets with stable and predictable cash flows, helping to cushion our investments against volatile business cycles, which we believe is essential to long term business performance.

Depending on the socioeconomic drivers of the sector, we would determine the region and specific locations of interest. We are interested in not only the economic drivers of the sector but also the factors impacting what drives their utility and how these will impact the communities in which they operate.


Selecting the right partners is an integral part to our ventures. We focus on industry knowledge and expertise, where we can tap into an experienced pool of talent to create excellent management teams.



Investment Structuring & Financing

As well as creating profitable businesses we aim to enhance investment returns through efficient structuring or finance. Working alongside lenders, regulators and the local authority is a key part to any investment vehicle.

We look to take advantage of certain tax reliefs including the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and Business Premises Renovation Allowance (BPRA).

Property Development

Our in-house property development expertise provided through our sister company Ducalian Developments Limited, works closely with the contractors & sub-contractors, professional teams and lawyers in each project to provide a turnkey development solution.

Ongoing Management & Reporting

With each of our projects we aim to add value to the management teams and monitor each venture carefully. Our structured investments report to clients on a bi-annual basis.