We seek to provide income and capital returns for our investors over the medium to long term.

Furthermore, we understand that tax planning forms an important part of an individual’s financial affairs and so we structure our investments to ensure they deliver tax incentives for our investors.

Individual Investors

Ducalian is a small UK based private equity firm structuring unique single asset projects to take advantage of the UK market.

Our projects not only aim for attractive returns, but they also offer tax incentives, such as Enterprise Investment Scheme tax reliefs.

At Ducalian we beleive we take a different approach to other investment companies; we believe that generating a recurring income stream is essential to long term business performance and in turn, investment performance. This helps to cushion our projects against the cyclical nature of the economy and help enable us to deliver value to our investors without having to rely on selling into a buoyant economy.

We want to make investing in our projects simple, interesting and if we can, exciting. We are a growing company and we know this will only continue if we keep putting our clients first.

Financial Adviser

At Ducalian we work closely with advisers and their clients, with the aim of delivering investment projects that are about the underlying business and not just tax relief.

We keep things clear and simple and each project can be assessed on its own merits as to whether it fits with your clients' portfolios, and we treat your investors like our investors.

We pride ourselves on high quality projects that are above all, investment first and tax second. If you're looking for an investment that can offer a bit more than the rest, and also offers tax incentives such as an Enterprise Investment Scheme tax reliefs, we've have something for you.

Entrepreneurs and Venture Partners

Ducalian speaks to many talented and exceptional people to put our projects together. We are able to add our experience and investment to turn business ideas into businesses.

With a focus on the real estate sector we look for niche areas in the market, whether to capitalise on the lack of credit, or to take advantage of an under served sector, we are looking to create value in the UK market.