Our Company

Ducalian Capital is a private equity firm specialising in creating value through the development and growth of real estate businesses. We focus on emerging real estate sectors and our small-scale flexibility enables us to take advantage of new markets as they evolve.

We are a firm of real estate and finance professionals in Central London working with our investor base of high net worth clients and financial advisors.

Ducalian was incorporated in 2007 to create value for investors in a climate of financial market volatility. We utilise networks of industry experts and management teams to create off-market investments across the UK.

Our role is to provide investors with opportunities to participate in the growth of individual business ventures that directly benefit them as shareholders. We are all highly motivated by the fact that we only meet our investors requirements if the businesses, which we build, succeed.

When we develop a new business venture we like to take a hands-on approach by taking an active role in the operations of our investments. By working in partnership with the management team through board representation, we can provide the necessary support to enable the business to perform effectively. We ensure that our interests and that of the management teams are similarly aligned to reward growth.