Ducalian Complete the Fundraising for Storage Venture in Bracknell.

Ducalian completed the fundraising for their second storage business, located in Bracknell, Berkshire. Having acquired planning for 40,000 square feet of storage space the facility opened for trading in the early part of 2013.

The business, structured as an Enterprise Investment Scheme, aimed to provide investors with numerous tax reliefs and downside protection whilst offering an enhanced level of service to the retail storage customer.

The site benefited from a large and relatively affluent catchment area with a total population of 165,595 within a 5 mile radius and a lack of immediate local competition in Bracknell.

Robert Cherry Director of Ducalian said: "Adding the Bracknell store to our portfolio of businesses is proving that we are able to create attractive projects in a difficult economic environment, continuing our strategy of developing direct investment opportunities for our fundraising partners and clients."